Coming up again in March 2019,  the 'Sachar Amos song writing competition' is happening for the 7th time since The Basin Music Festival began in 2004.

Every second year Sachar Amos Guitars donates a one of a kind guitar, made especially for the festival as a prize awarded for best song entry.  TBMF is a not for profit event, run entirely by volunteers and contributes one of the best community events of the year in The Basin.

The competition is always a huge success, attracting on average 80-100 song entries per year.  This year's prize is currently being made and will be a steel string model featuring Australian tonewoods such as Silky Oak, Black Gidgee and rare Australian Red Cedar.

If you'd like to try your hand at songwriting and submit your song for a chance to win a handmade Sachar Amos guitar, you can contact Ray Smith (organiser of 'The Basin Music Festival')