Recently, a friend of mine named Keiran Daley, was retiring from his antique furniture restoration business of 50 years in Richmond and asked if I would like to take his timber collection to use in my guitars.  I jumped at the chance and was excited to find rare and exotic timbers including Brazilian and Cuban mahogany, Australian Red Cedar and Walnut.

Most of the timber was in the form of book shelves, cupboard doors, table tops etc. but with some light machining cleaned up to reveal some of the nicest old growth timber that I've seen in ages.

Some of the pieces were over 150 years old and not  only is it old growth wood but its also been seasoning for all those years, drying out to make the timber more resonant and stable.

Recycling timber is always a good thing and especially good when its exactly the sort of material that I'm constantly searching for.

So thanks Keiran, your timber will go a long way to making many necks, back and sides and internal parts for many more of my guitars.