Guitar Making & Restoration Workshop

Established in 2001, Sachar Amos Guitars is a workshop dedicated to making classical guitars & stringed instrument restoration and repair.

"My passion is handcrafting instruments using traditional techniques, materials and principles to create instruments capable of great expression and beauty.

As well as new instrument making, my workshop is fully equipped with specialised equipment for the restoration & repair of bowed & fretted instruments. 

My workshop is located at the foot of the Dandenong Ranges 35 km East of Melbourne CBD.  All enquiries about new instruments or restoration work are encouraged and workshop visits are welcome."


Handcrafted Classical Guitars

Concert Classical Guitars

The workshop makes a range of original concert guitars handcrafted to standard design, inspired by the Spanish instruments of the late 19th and early 20th century.  Traditional techniques and designs are used which have been refined by generations of luthiers across Europe to craft guitars which possess the sound, aesthetic and spirit of the old world guitars.

Customised Instruments

Customised instruments can be made to order which suit the exact requirements of the player such as string length, fingerboard width and neck shape.  The workshop is also stocked with rare & exotic timbers to create specialty instruments of unique character for players wanting something one of a kind.

Part size Student Guitars

The workshop also makes a range of fractional size classical guitars for young players.  In 2011 Amos Guitars collaborated with Melbourne guitar teacher Zeah Reordan to develop the 'Southern Cross Series' which provides high quality, small instruments of correct proportion for children and teenage guitar players.


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Hand made guitars & stringed instrument restoration

Contact Sachar on 0425 782 681 to arrange a workshop visit....All enquiries are welcome.