Making & Restoration Workshop

Sachar Amos is a luthier in Melbourne, Australia making classical  guitars & custom stringed instruments.  Sachar's instruments are made using aged woods, traditional methods and finishing techniques, creating instruments of original style inspired by historical instruments.

The workshop is also fully equipped with specialised equipment for restoration & repair of instruments including guitars, mandolins, violin and bows & is located in the Dandenong Ranges 35 km East of Melbourne CBD.  All enquiries are encouraged and workshop visits are welcome.


Handcrafted Instruments

Classical Guitars

I make classical guitars in the Spanish style, inspired by the master made instruments of the 20th century.  I use traditional techniques and designs, refined by generations of luthiers to craft guitars which aim to possess the sound, aesthetic and spirit of the old world guitars.

Historical Stringed Instruments

My making also includes commission-based work, reproducing lute and viol family instruments, as well as baroque & 19th century guitars & rare design, steel strung instruments.

Fractional Sized Guitars

In 2011 I began making the 'southern cross' series, a line of fractional sized classical guitar designed for children and teenage guitar players.


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Sachar Amos · Guitar Making & Restoration Workshop

Contact Sachar on 0425 782 681 to arrange a workshop visit....All enquiries are welcome.