Background & Overview

I have been restoring stringed instruments for Melbourne musicians since 1994 and have worked for professional & amateur players from many genres including classical, jazz, rock, folk & early music.  My original trade was violin bow restoration which I specialised in for 4 years before broadening my repair skills into violin, guitar and mandolin restoration/repair and today I maintain instruments for a broad community of stringed instrument players.

The workshop is fully equipped with the specialised tools, machinery and materials to perform professional level restoration and repair work.  My speciality is larger restoration work, however I am also available for more common & simple repair work as well as setups to optimise the sound & playability of your instrument.

Types of Instruments Repaired

  • Acoustic Guitars (Classical, Flamenco, Steel string & Early guitars)
  • Mandolin (Bowl back, Flat back and Gibson style)
  • Lute & Theorbo
  • Ouds & Bouzoukis
  • Violin & Viol Family Instruments
  • Bows (Modern & Baroque bows)

Types of work performed in the workshop

  • Setup work for guitars and mandolins
  • Violin setup work (new bridges/soundpost setting/Fingerboard dressing/ peg adjustments)
  • Bow re-hairing
  • Fret work
  • Lacquer work
  • French polishing
  • Crack repairs
  • Major restorations

Turnaround time

Turnaround time is typically 2-4 weeks for basic jobs and 3-6 months for larger restoration work.  Bookings are essential and waiting lists do occur regularly so it's a good idea to contact me as far in advance as you can to check the availability of my repair work.


Enquiries by players of all levels of ability and interest are encouraged & welcome.

To discuss your instrument and/or to arrange a workshop visit, please email me at

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